Patchwork and Quilting Threads

Patchwork and quilting as a craft is showing resurgence and our range of threads covers quilting threads for both Machine and Hand Quilting. These are made from Extra long staple combed cotton fiber, gassed for smoothness and double mercerized for a stronger, satin and more lustrous finish.

These are ideal for creating various knick-knacks, decorative items, mattresses, baby blankets, cushion covers and other quilt based utility items.

Patchwork and Quilting Threads by HP Threads are available in.
  • Common sizes: Ne 40/3 & Ne 50/3
  • Common put-up: 1000 yards / 1200 yards spools (fit standard sewing machine spindles)
  • Also available in Industrial type bulk-packaging
  • In a vast palette of more than 50 exquisite colors.View Shade card

Customization options: Refer the 'Make Your Own Thread' section