Peecock Metallica

Peecock Metallica is a new product developed by HP Threads, and is a blend of cotton yarn made from long staple cotton fiber and shiny metallic yarn made from synthetic fiber vaporized with a metal layer. These are generally available in 2 varieties: 90% Cotton 10% Metallic yarn 95% Cotton 5% Metallic yarn

Color Options
  • Optical White
  • Ecru
  • Solid Color
  • Multicolor / Variegated / Ombre / Space dyed
  • Grindle

Available in over 50 colours. View Shade card

Popular packaging and put-ups:
  • Balls:50g, 100g,150g, 200g
  • Cakeballs:25g, 50g,100g
  • Skeins/Hanks/Mattasse: 100g, 200g

Customization options: Refer the 'Make Your Own Thread' section